Sunday, April 01, 2007

It's official! The Latrine 2008 campaign is hitting the road

That which does not kill us makes us stronger, said old Freddie Nietzsche and apart from debilitating chronic diseases I suppose he was right.
So undeterred by my recent failure to win the overwhelming support of the French people I am pressing on.
I have decided to offer my presidential services to the American people next, and to this end I am planning a whistle-stop tour from sea to shining sea at the end of this week.
I have learned many lessons from my French campaign, and no doubt will be able to put these to good use in the USA.
Unfortunately Edwina and Bettina Brown-Staynemarx are unable to travel with me, as there is some residual doubt as to whether or not they will be allowed back into the country, even if it is no longer autumn and chestnuts (or buckeyes as I must learn to call them) are not so thick on the ground.
This will no doubt reduce the crowd numbers at many of my speaking engagements, but will also give me an opportunity to get to know my future countrymen and women more intimately.
Thank you for your attention
In God We Trust