Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The French Canard -- a mallard imaginaire!

Right down at the bottom there, commenting on my very first post, John asks if I shouldn't be writing this in French.
Others, privately, have expressed the view that to run for election as President of France whilst not being what one might call, erm, French is just a tad quixotic.
Obviously this is a real issue, and I certainly wouldn't want you to think it is one that I'm seeking to avoid.
As far as writing in French is concerned, this is something that I could quite easily do. However it would be time-consuming and might gloss over some of the subtleties of my policy message. Instead I am expecting that as I attract ever greater levels of support, my supporters will take on the challenge of translating our campaign literature into French.
As far as my nationality is concerned, although I hold a British passport, I am almost French. I had a French grandmother and could be really French if only my father, who was just a notch too young for military service in the UK, had not (quite sensibly in my view) decided to avoid conscription altogether.
As I say elsewhere, I fully expect that the popular surge of support for my campaign will lead not only to simultaneous translation of this site into French, but also to a massive campaign for me to be granted citizenship in time for the election.
The only slight obstacle on this path? Well guess who would be doing the granting -- yup, none other than Little Sarko! I say old chap, play the game.
Thank you for your attention



Karen Davies said...

Just out of interest...why aren't you standing for Prime Minister of UK ?

Victor Latrine said...

The simple answer is because you can't stand as Prime Minister of the UK.
To become Prime Minister you have to hock your soul to some party machine, spend endless years as junior under minister for current buns only then to find out that the other lot get in just as your time finally comes.
Much better to have a clear shot at the top job, so that I can do most good for my (soon to be) fellow citizens.

Pissoir Cadet said...

Talk me through this I could have been French if my dad wasn't a draft dodger thing again. How would that work?