Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mega Mo

Momentum is everything in politics, and thanks to your support our momentum is building rapidly.
Since the candidacy launched on Sunday, the number of visitors to the site doubled on Monday, doubled again on Tuesday and then tripled on Wednesday.
Hits have been registered from New Zealand, Vancouver, San Francisco, Israel, Italy, Spain. In fact pretty much everywhere except France! I think this is conclusive proof of the French establishment's fear of the power of our campaign. But they can not keep us quite for ever. Soon the clamour will be overwhelming.
As well as forcing the Constitutional Council into action we have won a near-endorsement from The Economist.
Because of the law of conservation of momentum, the more we've got the less the rest have -- Little Sarko is running out of steam, Her Royal with Cheese Highness and the other PS clowns never had much steam to start with.
The Latrine Presidency gets more likely with every day.
Thank you for your attention
LibEgFrat to you all

1 comment:

Nerde said...

Surely the time has come for the collection of funds to support this campaign. Surely the wad that will need to be handed over in order to get Latrine registered as a French citizen itself will be substantial.

I offer my services as someone who has experience of handling other people's money as one who could do the job.

So if Latrine will consent I would like to offer my services as Campaign Treasurer.