Monday, October 30, 2006


Sometimes bumbling incompetence in government agencies can go so far as to become really quite sweet.
Consider this list of frequently asked questions from the French Constitutional Council.
Lots of questions, only one answer!
You couldn't make it up.
It'll all change when I'm at the helm.
I thank you for your attention
LibEgFrat to you all


Nerde said...

Dear Victor,

I wanted to get the ball rolling with the comments otherwise your campaign will go nowhere and the French will be left to go down le plughole.

Clearly you are le Homme to do this sorting out. I will tell all my French friends (who they? ed) to vote for you.

Is there a fund where those with more money than sense can send Euros so that dreams can become realite (please add appropriate accent. ed) ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Victor,

In the interest of helping you to realise your dreams to save La Belle France from the plug hole of your latrine and swimming in your ...but then some imagary is best left to the imagination and should not be too graphic, I send this comment.

Where is the account that we who are fortunate enough to have money but no sense can send our Euros to help your campaign?


Victor Latrine said...

Thanks for your support Nerde -- keep your euros in your pocket for the time being, but please spread the word.

At this stage of the campaign what I need are hearts and minds. Cash can come later