Saturday, October 28, 2006

My manifesto for France!!

Everyone else, it would seem, is having a crack at saying what should be done with poor old France, so I thought I'd stick my oar in.
Over the next few days and weeks I'll jot down my thoughts on the malaise that is affecting the hoary old hexagon, slowly building up a positive and thoughtful manifesto. If all goes according to plan this will attract huge attention in the blogosphere (or sphèroblog as our French cousins would have it) and land me a massive publishing deal, perhaps with our friends at Hachette or similar, resulting in a book coming out early in the new year.
Such will be the success of this oeuvre that there will be a massive populist campaign to adjust the minor technicality of my nationality (see future posts explaining why I am almost French) in order that I may stand in the Presidential elections next summer.
That my friends is my goal -- from zero to President of France in just a few short months. I know I can count on your support.
In fact, I am dependent on your support, as although I have many ideas about France and how to fix it, a complete manifesto might be a little difficult to produce in such a short space of time. So any ideas would be more than welcome (particularly on some of the more recondite areas of government, such as the prison system, fish quotas, and VAT (TVA if you insist) rules on the treatment of herringbone worsteds traded with the Czech Republic). As President of France I would endeavour to represent all the people -- not only the French! -- and thus I will fish in the largest possible pond in my search for policies.

Coming next: my credentials

I thank you for your attention
LibEgFrat to you all


John said...

Shouldn't you be writing this in French?

Anonymous said...

And shouldn't we be seeing some photos of the candidate? wrapped in a french flag?

Anonymous said...

what action does the candidate propose taking in the face of what some are calling the 'French Intifadah'??