Saturday, October 28, 2006

My credentials

Who, you might ask, is this Victor fella, to go spouting his mouth off about the state of France?
And a bloody good question that would be.
Well I'll tell you who, because to do otherwise would be to risk getting drawn into an endless spiral of rhetorical questions and exemplary answers.
To the extent that I have had an adult life (arguments for: my age; arguments against: my behaviour) I have spent much of it in France. I have lived, worked, loved, eaten, laughed, wept, sired children, disgraced myself and redeemed myself all within the confines of 'continental' France -- I dread to think what would happen if ever I visited the charmingly-named Dom-Tom.
I have watched France from the outside in and the inside in.
I have (though I'm a little ashamed to admit it) travelled more widely in France than I have in my native England.
I have rented and owned (in fact still own) property in the country, and have experienced the all the joys of dealing with the various arms of the French machine that doing either will bring.
I speak fluent -- although heavily accented (on purpose) -- French.
I read French newspapers, press releases, economic and political analysis and even translate some of it into English.
I have professional qualifications in France.
I have, at various times in their lives, entrusted my two children to the care of the French medical and educational systems.
I think this adds up to qualification enough.
Enough to analyse the state of the country.
Enough to set out my manifesto for change.
Enough to attract a very substantial book deal.
Enough to warrant a massive populist campaign on my behalf.
Enough to accept the grateful votes of a bewildered and disappointed electorate.
The rest, citizens of France, is in your hands.

I thank you for your attention
LibEgFrat to you all

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